The 2 Most Important Skills for Getting Hot Girls in Latin America

There are 2 skills, that any man can learn, that will dramatically improve your ability to hook up with Latin women. These 2 skills have nothing to do with looks or money. But if you master them to a decent level, you’ll have the edge over guys who have more money and are better-looking. It…

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The Secret to Getting Hot Latina Girls That Nobody Else Is Doing

Few things in life are guaranteed… except that everybody eventually gets jaded meeting women online. Girls who are not really into you but want you to spend money on them. Dealing with low-quality people who can’t be on time and can’t pay their bills. Girls who have already banged a couple of your friends and…

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Why Bad Style Will Keep You Celibate in Latin America

Change the way you dress, and your world changes. I realised this one day while I was standing outside a high-end mall in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic. I was wearing a dark-blue pinstripe blazer and a sky-blue button down – both fresh from the dry cleaners that afternoon. I was wearing a pair of brown…

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When a Lack of Spanish Works to Your Advantage

3 years ago in the Dominican Republic, I was living with a roommate who didn’t know much Spanish. After a few months in the country I started to envy him. While I had to listen to all sorts of sob stories, hard-luck tales and money requests, my friend was exempt from all that bullshit. “Ignorance…

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How to Master Night Game in Latin America

Seen one nightclub, you’ve seen em’ all, right? Nightlife venues are pretty similar all around the world. Girls wearing heels and short skirts. People gathered around tables trying to look cool while scanning the room to see who looks cooler than they do. Dancing, drinking, music too loud to have any conversations. And so on.…

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How to Daygame Discreetly in Latin America

There’s a new breed of gringo ruining the best spots in Latin America. You see them in Medellin. They prowl the streets 8-deep, their heads swivelling around as if on a pedestal, looking for girls to approach. They scope the malls during the day looking for girls walking alone. They go to the clubs at…

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