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So What Is Pickup Spanish All About?

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The Pickup Spanish System is the first Spanish for players guide on the Internet. It contains 4 Modules hours of step-by-step instructions covering how to learn Spanish quickly, how to game Latina women online, during the daytime and at nighttime venues, lifetime updates plus one-on-one coaching!

The entire package comes audio MP3s, worksheets and free ebooks.

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The Complete Pickup Spanish Course

Bonus Materals

Pickup Spanish Bonus Ebook
Pickup Spanish Free Bonus Ebook

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Subject - Your Free Report Link


We hope you enjoy the free report on learning Spanish for gaming. Click this link below to instantly download it:

PickUp Spanish Free PDF Report

Also, please take the time to add our email address,

elconquistador@PickUpSpanish.com to your contact list. Sometimes mail servers will mark messages as spam.

We’ve got some more cool stuff to send you in the next couple days so keep an eye out.


El Conquistador

Email #2

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Subject Hey quick story for you…


I’ve been getting some great feedback on the Free PDF Report I sent you. You did see that right? Here’s a link if you missed it:

PickUp Spanish Free PDF

Today I’ve go a short-but-sweet story on my journey to being able to game Latinas in Spanish.


Looking back now, I'm not sure If I first started learning Spanish then discovered tanned, curvy Latinas or vice versa. What probably happened was that I'd always had a thing for women with bodies like Latina women have but they didn't come across my radar until I could communicate with them in Spanish.

I remember it was a certain Latina model that saw online that finally pushed me over the edge and made me realize 1) I had to get over to Latina America sooner rather than later. And 2) That I would do much better with the women and have a better experience all around if I spoke the local language.

I was upstairs in my room in my parent's house looking at these stunning Latin women online. I decided that I owed it to myself to at least try to talk to these kinds of women. At that point I had been learning a little Spanish using some grammar books and dictionaries I had borrowed from the library. But seeing these girls pushed me over the edge and it really lit a fire under my ass making me get serious about becoming fluent in Spanish.

I can see now that the link between admiring firm bodied Latin girls from afar on the screen of my laptop back in my home country and actually dating and having relationships with them was - speaking Spanish.

El Conquistador

Email #3

Social Proof

For social proof (the idea that other people will evaluate others based on how surrounding people behave towards them), give a customer testimonial in the second email and write, “I’ve gotten some great responses on the body language report. I’m glad you guys are liking it.” I want to get the customer thinking, “If other people have bought it and enjoyed it, I might too.”

I’ve gotten some great feedback on the PickUp Spanish free report. I’m glad you guys are liking it.

Social Proof

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I just got an email from {customer name} about how he used {product name} in a really cool way.

I think you’ll find his story particularly enlightening. He applied what he learned to the letter and now he’s {solving the problem} extremely fast.


El Conquistaodr

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