How to Daygame Discreetly in Latin America

There’s a new breed of gringo ruining the best spots in Latin America.

You see them in Medellin. They prowl the streets 8-deep, their heads swivelling around as if on a pedestal, looking for girls to approach.

They scope the malls during the day looking for girls walking alone. They go to the clubs at night and spam approach until they either get a make out or get kicked out.

These guys are probably disciples of Real Social Dynamics – a pickup company/cult that runs bootcamps in major cities across America and Europe every weekend. 

You can get away with running spastic game in the West because those cultures are generally non-confrontational.

But these idiots are putting themselves in grave danger in Latin America. At best they give every foreign guy a bad name, at worst they might get shot and dumped in an alleyway in Cali, Colombia.

You have to realise that as a foreign dude in Latin America  – (unless you’re a white dude in Argentina – you stick out. Even if you are darker-skinned, your mannerisms, style and accent will give you away.

All eyes are on you so be careful.

It’s true that girls like confidence and boldness but they also value tact.

Stealth Game

Having gotten that rant out of my system, I’m going to share with you a new game method I’ve come up with. I’ve tested this system on girls roaming streets, college campuses, malls, clubs, etc., of Santo Domingo, Medellin, Lima, you name it. 

This method will get you a phonebook-full of numbers while protecting your reputation at the same time.

This method is cheap, requires only beginner-level Spanish and you can’t get rejected using it.

It’s called….

The Business Card Method

I know, the name sucks but it I’ve been too busy testing the method on Latinas to come up with a fancy name.

This is how it works. You see a girl you like, you walk over to her and discreetly slip her your business card.


All you need on the card are your basic details. Some guys I’ve met make up all sorts of elaborate lies like being the CEO of a billion-dollar company or working as a photographer scouting for models. 

Keep it real or you’ll get called on it.

The cards don’t even have to be yours. Just grab some free business cards from a store or from that sales person you don’t want to speak to ever again. Write your name and number on the back and bingo. 

Why does this method work so well?

  1. You’ll see many hot Latin American girls who are busy working. They get in trouble with their boss for flirting with a handsome gringo during work hours.  
  2. During the day, people are not expecting to be approached and they’ll have their guard up. The business card method won’t scare away the cat. 
  3. In Latin nightclubs, girls will usually be surrounded by boyfriends, cousins, girlfriends, co-workers, sugar daddies, etc. By using the business card method, you can make a connection and give her your contact details without drawing attention to yourself. 

James Bond Game

Go in smooth, make her laugh, get her interested and quietly slip her your business card as you leave.

If you want to skip the laughing and flirting stage, use these two lines before exiting:

  1. Aqui es mi numero y mi nombre (Here’s my name and number)
  2.  Mandame un mensaje (Send me a message)

Disadvantages to the Business Card Method

Many guys will argue that if you give a girl your number and don’t get hers, she might never get back to you.

This is a valid argument but think about this: Latin girls give out their phone number like your neighbours give out candies on Halloween. Even if you insist on getting her phone number rather than leaving her with yours, the chances of getting her out on a date are slim. 

Latin girls will give you their number even if they are not remotely interested in you. Then you’ll waste hours of your time trying to convince her to go out on a date with you before you realise she’s you’re wasting your time.

But if you give a girl your number and she gets back to you, you know her interest levels are high and your chances of meeting up with her are good.

The Big Fear

When I’ve explained this method to guys, many worry about having their number out there in the city, being passed around and ending up in the hands of scumbags. If you are prolific with this method, you never know who will get a hold of your number. Security might be an issue, especially with Whatsapp linking to other social media sites now. 

But isn’t this the same as handing out your card when networking for business?

The worst that can happen is you get spammed a bit. If you’re using a local number there’s no chance of anyone back home finding out.

Failing that, you could give out your email. But this isn’t 2001.

The Waiter Trick

This is a trick that a Dominican girl taught me at a club in Santo Domingo.

If you see a hot girl at a club and you can’t or don’t want to approach, call the waiter and ask him to go over and give the girl a pen, an old receipt and to write down her number. 

Make sure that the waiter is a young guy or girl who knows what’s up. Otherwise he/she’ll fuck it up for you. 

Let me know if you’ve ever given out your number on business cards while abroad. If so, how well did it work?

Un abrazo

– El Conquistador

  • Brian

    The business cards I have now that I use for pickup purposes are hilarious and satirical, my job title being evil criminal mastermermind extraordinaire, and with a fake business title and slogan to match, it always gets girls laughing and leads to a conversation about what I really do and why I have that on there. But I’m guessing I need to get new business cards printed before going down to mexico and doing this. And that they shouldn’t say anything like that. So what should they say? Just my name and number? Should it be first and last name or just first?