How to Master Night Game in Latin America

Seen one nightclub, you’ve seen em’ all, right?

Nightlife venues are pretty similar all around the world. Girls wearing heels and short skirts. People gathered around tables trying to look cool while scanning the room to see who looks cooler than they do. Dancing, drinking, music too loud to have any conversations. And so on.

There is some truth to this, but there are some cultural differences you need to learn if you want to swoop hot Latina girls in the clubs.

But first, don’t try to run before you can walk. 

The Fundamentals

The universal principles of night game work anywhere in the world:

1. Look good

Any guy can eat better to have perfect skin and low body fat. Any guy can work out and take the right supplements to build noticeable muscle. Any guy can have clothes tailored so they fit perfectly. 

Do those things and you will be attractive enough for any hot woman in the club not matter what you were handed in life’s genetic lottery. 

2. Have fun 

Talk to lots of people. Get in a social mood as quickly as you can, even if that means joking around with your buddy or talking to the barman.

Don’t get stuck in your head or you’ll be screwed for the night. 

3. Don’t scan the room with a serious look on your face. 

Don’t stand with a bunch of guys looking at women nudging each other and saying: “Take a look at that one. She’s hot.”

Don’t stare and admire. Either approach and interact or don’t look at all.

Night Game in Latin America

Here are a few rules I’ve gleaned over the years, both from my own experiences and from other international playboys I’ve met in Latin America:

1. Get a table and a bottle. 

Don’t be a cheapskate. You’ll get more eye contact and the girls will be much more receptive to your approach. Think of the cost as “hot girl tax”. 

I don’t drink so most of my boys will be consuming the alcohol. It’s just there for show.

2. Befriend the guys. 

This is super easy to do in places like the Dominican Republic and Colombia because those guys are straight up players and will respect a fellow swordsman. 

I’ve found guys in Latin America to be friendlier than guys in Europe and the US. 

Once you are seen talking to a few guys, you’ll have social proof and they might even introduce you to some of their hot female friends. Girls in Latin America don’t go out alone. They’re always with guys even if they are not dating them. 

3. Befriend the staff. 

Tell them that you’re new in the city and they’ll tell you which places are good. Tip – it’s a small amount that goes a long way. 

4. Move. 

I don’t mean move around the club. I mean feel the music and sway. If you don’t like to dance and don’t know how, get some lessons and learn to like it.

Music and dance are huge in Latin American culture. Latin girls think all gringos are stiff, awkward, don’t like to dance and don’t know how to move their bodies. 

Surprise her by smashing that stereotype.

5. Have fun. 

Nothing will dry up Latina pussy faster than a guy not having fun.

If you’re not having fun, you shouldn’t be there. You’re better off spending your time at home either studying or working.

I’m not saying “stay home” that to be flippant. Promise yourself that you will have fun, whether you get a girl or not. If you can’t make that promise or if you find that you don’t have fun in the clubs, don’t go. There’s nothing wrong with recognising your strengths and weaknesses and investing your time in different social venues that will give you a greater return. 

6. Dress to impress. 

I shake my head when I see gringos arriving at the club straight from the hostel wearing cargo shorts, a t-shirt and a baseball cap on backwards. Now in the US, if you’re good-looking, you can pull the hottest girls in the club dressed like that. It’s a much more relaxed culture. Dressing casually communicates “bad boy”, a guy who doesn’t need to make an effort because he knows he’s good-looking. 

In Latin America it just looks sloppy. It looks like you don’t live there – you’re just on vacation for the weekend.

Or that you’re still a small boy who hasn’t learned to dress himself yet. 

You don’t need to go for the Brooks Brothers look. But if you can afford it, go for it. Failing that, some nice polished brown shoes, a nice pair of jeans (or chinos) and a fitted button-down shirt is all you need. 

“What do I say to her?”

Ok, once you look that part and you’re working the room, what are some good opening lines to use?

Here are some of my go-to lines when I’m in Latin American clubs and bars:

  • Eres Colombiana?” Make a guess about her nationality. Whatever you say, she will be curious about why you asked. 
  • Me perimte hablar con su amiga?” (If they are two or three girls) Girls are very helpful when you are polite and say that you are interested in their friend. None of the bitchiness and protectiveness you get in the USA and Europe. 
  • Son hermanas?” (If they are two girls) This will get a laugh and they will explain the relationship to you and you’ll be in a conversation. 
  • Que estan celebrando?” (What are you celebrating?) Whatever the reason, this question will get a conversation going. Everybody has a reason that they are out. – Credit to Vance from MyLatinLife for this line. 

Apply a few of these tips the next time you go to a bar or club in Latin America and collect feedback. Let me know in the comments if you have any other observations about nightlife in Latin America and any tips that have worked well for you.

Un abrazo

– El Conquistador