The 2 Most Important Skills for Getting Hot Girls in Latin America

There are 2 skills, that any man can learn, that will dramatically improve your ability to hook up with Latin women.

These 2 skills have nothing to do with looks or money. But if you master them to a decent level, you’ll have the edge over guys who have more money and are better-looking.

It will take a bit of work, effort and practice to get good but the investment is more than worth it. As with everything in life, the harder something is to obtain, the more valuable it is. 

Are you intrigued? 

Ok. I’ll put you out of your misery. The 2 skills that you need to get the hottest girls in Latin America are:

  1. Spanish
  2. Dancing

You may already know this and I might be preaching to the choir here, but you’d be amazed how many guys head down to Colombia, Panama, Peru, etc., and don’t make the effort to learn either of these two skills.

Note: substitute Spanish for Portuguese if you are going to Brazil. But for this article I’ll focus on Spanish.

The Critical Few vs. The Trivial Many

Guys put so much effort and money into their looks: getting their teeth whitened, improving their wardrobe, wearing blue-colored contact lenses, etc. But they won’t dedicate the time to learning the 2 most important skills you need for getting laid with ease in Latin America.

How to Weed out Gold-Diggers

If you can dance and speak Spanish, you can be sure that every girl in Latin America who is with you likes you for you. So many guys complain to me that they get money requests from girls or that girls are using them. But if you can talk to anyone in Latin America and if you can own the dance floor, girls won’t be using you to practice their English and they won’t be with you because of your money. 

Learning Spanish shows that you are smart, that you can learn anything you put your mind to and that you are willing to adapt to her culture. At the beginning of every relationship, every woman looks into the future and imagines how you will get on with her friends and family.

Being able to dance shows that you are fit and healthy, and that you know how to have fun – very attractive attributes to women.

She knows that she can take you to any night venue/wedding/etc., and that you’ll be on your feet having fun.

Deep-Level Attraction

I’ve met two types of guys trying to get girls in Latin America. The tall, white, blonde guys who are leveraging their looks and foreigner genes.

Then there are guys using money to get girls – taking girls out to dinner, promising them weekends at expensive resorts, saying that he will take care of her and her needs, and so on.

I don’t hate on these guys because they are just playing the cards they hold and doing what works.

But relying on your looks and money to get Latin girls can bring problems. If you’re just using money then you’ll attract shallow girls who will use you for a while before they move on to somebody who is willing to spend more.

If you’re just all about your looks then there will always be a guy who is more jacked, blond or young that you are. 

It’s a game you can’t win.

Where to Find the Best Latin Women

So I’ve given you the why, now let’s move on to the how.

Knowing Spanish is crucial for day game. Dancing is crucial for night game. If you ask any guy that has been in Latin America for a while he’ll tell you that during the day and the night is when you can meet quality girls .

I’m going to tell you something that you might not want to hear: Online game is mostly a waste of time.

Online game has become a cesspool of low-quality girls and even lower-quality guys. The girls are messaging dozens of guys at the same time. These girls have fucked a bunch of foreign guys and they’re trying to get money out of you. There are hundreds of guys on Latin dating sites from all over the world boosting the girls’ egos telling them how gorgeous they are and promising them a load of money. 

Why do most gringos do Tinder/online game? Because they don’t speak Spanish and they don’t know how to dance. So they do the easiest thing that will get them girls – spamming a bunch of girls online. But then they meet and bang low-quality girls and end up complaining about feeling empty.

Then they complain that Latin girls are superficial, shady, always flake, etc. They complain that Latin women are attention whores but it’s not Latin women that are to blame, it’s the type of women these guys are meeting.

Night game can present its own problems: it’s too loud to talk, all the women love to dance, local men know how to dance. But if you get good at salsa, bachata, merengue, etc., your nightgame experience in Latin America will transform. 

A guy who is good at speaking Spanish and dancing will never be alone in Latin America. The quality of women you get with will change dramatically. 

If you have these two skills, you will absolutely kill it. You will destroy all the other gringos who’s only game is that they are white or American. 

You’ll also beat all the local guys because you’re more exotic, but you can speak Spanish and dance like they do. 

Tools & Tricks

Here are some of the styles I’ve tried learning over the years, and the best countries to learn them:

  • Mexico: Cumbia
  • The Dominican Republic: Bachata or Merengue
  • Colombia (or Cuba): Salsa 
  • Argentina: Tango
  • Peru: Marinera (this never helped me get girls)

Insider tip: In the beginning, take lessons from a male teacher. I’ve asked multiple Latin women to teach me salsa over the years and it never works. They only know the female role not the male. They only know how to follow a male lead. 

Once you have the basic male moves down, grab a Latina and improve your partner dancing.

How to Learn Spanish

The best resources for learning Spanish:

  1. Pickup Spanish
  2. Michel Thomas
  3. Margarita Madrigal

Have you ever taken dance classes in Latin America? Are you the salsa king? Let us know in the comments.

Un abrazo

– El Conquistador