The Secret to Getting Hot Latina Girls That Nobody Else Is Doing

Few things in life are guaranteed

except that everybody eventually gets jaded meeting women online.

Girls who are not really into you but want you to spend money on them. Dealing with low-quality people who can’t be on time and can’t pay their bills. Girls who have already banged a couple of your friends and possibly hundreds of foreign guys. 

Girls who give you the run around. Then you realise they never had any intention of meeting up – all they wanted was the validation from a bunch of guys messaging them and inviting them out on dates. Emotionless sex. Spending all day indoors getting pale because you are messaging girls all day.

Latin Girls 2.0

So what other options are there?

Well, you’ve got daygame and nightgame. But many guys don’t speak Spanish so they are afraid to speak to Latinas in the streets and clubs. It’s tough having to struggle through uncomfortable conversations, especially if her friends or family are around. 

That leaves one secret option that is under-used by every single foreign guy I’ve met in Latin America over the years:

Meeting Latinas through your social circle.

Network Your Way to Hot Latinas

This is as simple as making some local friends and asking them to set you up with hot girls. Many Latin friends will introduce you to girls without you having to ask. 

The great advantage of this “networking” approach is that your friends will set you up with girls you would never get online. I’m talking about the girls with smokin-hot photos that get bombarded with messages from thirsty guys all day, every day. 

The De Ja vu Girl

One day I was in the Dominican Republic and browsing the online dating site Tagged. A hot, thick Dominican girl caught my eye so I messaged her a couple of times. I never got a reply.

I assumed (rightly) that she got dozens of these messages PER DAY. I gave up, made my peace with not banging her and moved on. 

6 months later I was browsing my Whatsapp contacts and noticed the profile pic of one of my Dominican friends. The photo was of her in a club with two other girls. One of the other girls was the my dream girl from Tagged. 

I messaged my friend said: “Who is the chick in the photo with you?”. She gave me the number no worries and told her friend that she was going to introduce her to a cool guy.

We started chatting on Whatsapp and arranged to meet up a week later. 

We banged on the second date.

Call it luck or call it the value of using social circle game to access girls impossible-to-reach girls. Girls with overflowing inboxes on their phones and beta-orbiters protecting them in the club. 

What You Can Learn from Great Marketers

Once a marketing channel gets crowded, for example Google Adwords, it gets expensive and difficult to reach your target market. 

There is so much noise and so many people competing for their attention that you have no hope of getting through.

What do you do?

You go to a less-crowded channel.

Social media marketing is crowded so you go to a marketing channel that was popular in the past but isn’t now – radio or direct mail for example

Because it’s no longer popular, it will be cheaper and you’ll get a better response because people are bombarded with Facebook posts these days and they might be more receptive to a postcard in the mail. 

Picking up Paris Hilton

Think about trying to meet a celebrity. You could send a direct message to Penelope Cruz on Twitter and hope she gets back to you. But she’s got a busy life and she gets hundreds of messages from reporters, fans, admirers, etc., everyday.

But what if you snuck into a Hollywood party, saw her across the room, and asked the friend who invited you to the party to introduce you both? BOOM. You just met Penelope Cruz. 

Tell her “hola” from El Conquistador. 

It’s easier said than done but I’m just giving you an example of how to meet difficult-to-access people. And believe me, hot Latinas on dating sites (and in the clubs) are hard to access

That’s what you have to do if you want to meet the top-shelf Latinas. You have to go through other people because these girls are like celebrities on Tinder and Instagram

Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon

Before the internet, the way you got to meet people was through other people. It’s who you know.

Communication and technology have come full circle. If you want to reach your congressman these days, you don’t email him – you send him a hand-written letter.

How to Grow Your Social Circle in Latin America

Here are a few suggestions for putting this “personal approach” into action:

  • Work: Even if you work online, you can work part-time or do some volunteering. Teaching English is an easy option. If you teach one evening a week at a local language school, you’ll have your pick of the hot girls in your class. 
  • Local clubs and activities: Learn to dance or join a crossfit gym. Dance and fitness classes have an abundance of hot girls. 

Take the indirect approach to meeting hot women in Latin America. It’s a better use of your time and you’ll limit your downside – if you don’t meet a hot girl at the salsa club or crossfit gym, so what? You had the most fun you’ve had in years and you made some great friends that will benefit you for months and years to come. 

Can you say that about the Tinder slut that you banged once and never spoke to again?

Un abrazo

– El Conquistador