When a Lack of Spanish Works to Your Advantage

3 years ago in the Dominican Republic, I was living with a roommate who didn’t know much Spanish. After a few months in the country I started to envy him. While I had to listen to all sorts of sob stories, hard-luck tales and money requests, my friend was exempt from all that bullshit. “Ignorance is bliss”. If you don’t understand shit, a Latina girl’s story about how she was attacked, some guy stole her cellphone and now she needs money from you, will fall on deaf ears.

“Judge people on their actions, not on their words.”

This is the most important rule in all relationships. If your  Spanish is low, a hot Latina can’t charm with sweet words. With no Spanish you’ll can only judge her actions. She’ll reveal her true motives earlier. You’ll know whether she is a girl who deserves more of your time and affection, or a girl you should get to get rid to save yourself a lot of time and frustration. 

Having zero Spanish is the antithesis of mind games. No flirting over texts. Just honesty: “I’m a guy and I want to get with you”. It’s back to a caveman way of game – as nature intended.

Your Sixth Sense

Like a blind person who develops an extraordinary sense of smell to overcompensate, your lack of Spanish means you’ll be forced to develop other parts of you to become more attractive.

With your mouth out of action, your body will have to do most of the talking. You’d better make sure your body language is smooth, your style turns heads and that your physique drops panties.

A lack of Spanish will push you out of your introvert shell. You can either sit sullenly in the corner and fade into the wallpaper or you can be more extroverted. You’ll have to make bigger gestures, use your face and be more animated. Most guys need to be more expressive. 

You’ll be a mute but you’ll have to act the clown. This will get the girls laughing, and as you know…

“Laughter is the best seduction.”

Perfect Is Boring

Adults say that toddlers learning to speak are “cute”, but teenagers have too much of a mouth on them. If your Spanish is beginner level, Latin girls will squeal and squirm with delight as you stumble over your words. 

But being proficient at Spanish isn’t sexy. Being fluent in another language brings admiration and respect, not attraction. Once you get good, you’ll be just like all the other local guys – just another guy who speaks Spanish. Nothing exciting or exotic there. 

The FOB Gringo

If your Spanish is low, she’ll think you’re inexperienced and still innocent to the ways of Latin women. Latin girls want to be your “first”. They know that as a foreign guy, you have lots of value and options. But they don’t want a player who has many Latin notches on his bedpost. 

When your Spanish is good, girls know that you have spent lots of time in Latin America and that you have had lots of Latin women throwing themselves at you. And you haven’t been dodging.

More Forgiving Locals

When you’re learning a new language, people help you more and forgive your mistakes . When you get to a half-decent level, people won’t let you get away with even the smallest mistakes.

To Learn or Not to Learn?

Am I saying that you shouldn’t learn Spanish? Of course not. Read here if you want to know how it can transform your life.

This article is a reminder to get started and enjoy the journey.

Don’t avoid talking to Latina girls in person just because your Spanish is still weak.

After you get past the beginner stage, the learning curve flattens out and improvement is incremental. Enjoy the many “aha” moments and the joy of making huge improvements when you are a beginner. After that, getting better is fighting for the remaining grains of sand.

Get learning Spanish now. Don’t put off speaking to girls. Make mistakes, don’t worry too much about the destination and don’t forget to smell the roses. 

Un abrazo

– El Conquistador

P.S. Focus on night game because it requires less linguistic proficiency than day game or online game.